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Special Annoucements

The Long Island Conference on Eating Disorders

Saturday May 3rd, 2014, 8:30am – 4pm

Hofstra University, Long Island, NY

A FREE conference on eating disorders with national speakers in an information packed day for the public and professionals. For more info and to register for free, go to: www.EatingDisorderConference.com


A new website about eating disorder treatment on Long Island.  www.LongIslandEatingDisorders.com


Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

ED-180 Eating Disorder Treatment Programs now available for patients who require a more intensive outpatient program. Please see our website at www.ED-180.com


Family Support Groups

Family Support Groups available for families with a person suffering from an eating disorder. Call (516) 414-2545 for more information.

Book Publication Project

Dr. DeSarbo is near completion of his book entitled Demystifying the Biology Behind Eating Disorders. This book is the first of its kind that takes a look at the scientific research in eating disorders conducted over the last 20 years. Whereas most books to date have focused on the psychological drives behind eating disorders, this book examines the biological theories behind why a person develops an eating disorder and why treatment can be difficult. The book is written for clinicians, patients and families who seek an understanding of the importance that biology plays in addition to the psychological factors of eating disorders.


103 Reasons Why Eating Disorder Treament Fails: How to avoid lost time,
money and health.

Dr. DeSarbo is also near completion of this helpful book that answers so many questions that patients and families have regarding the difficulty in treatment eating disorders. From financial constaints to poorly trained treatment personel, Dr. DeSarbo discusses the challenges and pitfalls in ED treatment and provides practical advice and guidence for avoiding these pitfalls and getting the most out of your eating disorder treatment.

Essays and Selected Writings

The following writings are based on various clinical insights and research findings and may be helpful to patients and concerned individuals. Eating Disorders & The Lord of The Rings
 (DeSarbo, 2006) Case Study: Remission of Anorexia Nervosa with Depakote
(DeSarbo, 2009)

The Search for Acceptance
(DeSarbo, 2006) Eating Disorders: A Parasitic Illness
(DeSarbo, 2007) Emotional Trauma and the Effects on the Brain 
(DeSarbo, 2007) Tips for Parents
(DeSarbo, 2007) The Psychiatric Side Effects of Weight Loss Medications & Supplements (DeSarbo, 2004)


Press Release 6/1/10

International Appeal to the Eating Disorder News Network
by Trisha L. Spearling

The upstart website called the Eating Disorder News Network (EDNN) is trying to bridge the gap to get the latest information out to patients and treatment providers and is gaining an international audience. Still in its infancy, the EDNN (www.EatingDisorderNews.com) is quickly building an international following based on web-tracking and twitter followers. “I know that eating disorders are found throughout the world and I thought people from other countries would find the site helpful, but I was surprised to find how many international visitors we already have coming to the EDNN,” states Dr. Jeffrey DeSarbo, the websites founder and producer.


Celebrating its six-month anniversary in May, 2010, the EDNN website has developed a strong following in Europe, Canada and Australia with both professionals and the general public. “Currently we probably have about 20-25% of our website traffic coming from outside of the U.S.,” reports DeSarbo. As this trend continues, the EDNN team plans on offering more news related to the international community. Dr. DeSarbo further adds, “we are continuously working on the development of this site, testing out the platform, working out the bugs to make things flow smoother, and I think in another year or so this is really going to be something special. We probably have more unique eating disorder content now than any other site and we’ve only just begun.”


The EDNN website is unique in content and its delivery relying on YouTube style video interviews from expert therapists, nutritionists and physicians discussing the treatment, care and recovery for eating disorders. “I feel this type of website will likely be commonplace in a few years for medicine and other fields as well,” says Dr. DeSarbo. There are also videos from patients who have been through treatment and recovery which has been well received by website visitors. The EDNN homepage includes a monthly newscast summarizing eating disorder research conducted and published internationally, a section for patients, a section for family and friends, and a section for treatment providers. Other website areas include videos from conferences and seminars, video tours of treatment centers, a comprehensive eating disorder and mental health resource center, and newly added community forum which announces upcoming conferences and treatment strategies.


Patients, the public and treatment providers throughout the world including physicians, therapists and nutritionist can now spend just a few minutes a week on the EDNN site and be able to be on the cutting-edge of news and information about eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder and related conditions. To learn more, go to www.EatingDisorderNews.com and tour the site.


Press Release 1/10/10

Cutting-EdgeWebsite for Eating Disorders Launched for 2010

Dr. Jeffrey DeSarbo, a Board Certified psychiatrist on Long Island, N.Y., has created a new website for people with eating disorders, their friends and family and treatment providers who seek the latest research news and information about conditions such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder and body dysmorphic disorder. The website, called The Eating Disorder News Network (EDNN), is a unique and major undertaking as it uses video as the primary mode of information distribution.


“It’s like CNN meets YouTube for eating disorders,” describes Dr. DeSarbo. In medical specialty fields such as that found with eating disorder care, there is a significant amount of new research published every month. Some of these important studies are published in the one or two major professional journals, but the majority of the studies and reports are dispersed in numerous medical journals throughout the world. Because of this, nearly every treatment provider, not mention the public, never gets access to this information unless they attend the few national and international conferences held annually, and then they still only get a portion of what is being discovered.


As a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders, Dr. DeSarbo’s interest in remaining up-to-date with eating disorder research led him to begin production of a newsletter for the profession. The EDNN website was created because Dr. DeSarbo felt that to keep treatment providers and the public on the cutting edge of information, it would be necessary to get this information out there in a form consistent with how people currently rely on getting their news: online, with multimedia, concise, and current. “We live in a YouTube generation and to educate it helps to find a method to capture and maintain interests,” says Dr. DeSarbo. “With our site, people get to see and hear from the leaders in the field.”


While the EDNN website was originally conceived as a way to report on the most recent published research, Dr. DeSarbo later expanded the project to include video interviews with leading physicians, therapists, nutritionists and counselors throughout the world who specialize in treating eating disorders. The EDNN website has separate sections for 1) patients, 2) Friends and Family, 3) Treatment Providers and 4) Special Highlights which includes videos from people in recovery, coverage from conferences and other special topics. Each week, the videos change and past videos are moved into a comprehensive archive section.


Other features of the site include video tours of inpatient treatment centers, training videos and conferences, a resource section, and a referral center for treatment providers. Under development are sections including a professional community bulletin board and an online art gallery featuring work from patients who have suffered from an eating disorder.


The Eating Disorder News Network domain on the web is www.EatingDisorderNews.com and Dr. DeSarbo’s personal website may be found at www.DrDeSarbo.com.


  • Upcoming Speaking Engagements

    • • MARCH 23, 2013 - IAEDP Conference - Las Vegas, NV
    • • April 27th, 2013 - The Long Island Conference on Eating Disorders - HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY
    • • MARCH 23, 2013 - IAEDP Conference - Las Vegas, NV
    • • MARCH2, 2013 - The 6th Annual Symposium on Mental Health Counseling, C.W. Post Campus/LIU: Eating Disorders:Challenges in Treatment
    • • April 27th, 2013 - The Long Island Conference on Eating Disorders - HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY
    • • MARCH 2, 2013 - The 6th Annual Symposium on Mental Health Counseling, C.W. Post Campus/LIU: Eating Disorders:Challenges in Treatment

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